onyxstar gimbal nacelle brushless obg 1800u 1 - OBG-1800U

OnyxStar OBG-1800U, brushless gimbal for cameras up to 1800 grams (3.97 lbs)

Extremely lightweight, the OBG-1800U is a professional 2-axis gimbal made of aluminium alloy type 6061-T6 (used for aviation).
As a robust camera mount, it is foreseen with sliders allowing an easy center of gravity tuning. It comes already assembled and tuned with its Alexmos 2-axis stabilization board.

The OnyxStar OBG-1800U is also highly versatile. In other words, it can lift a broad range of cameras and sensors up to 1800 grams (3.97 lbs) with the tripod screw system.
Moreover, this gimbal can be installed on numerous kind of frames thanks to adapter plates.

Technical SpecificationsMetricImperial
picture - OBG-1800UCamera weightUp to 1800 gramsUp to 3.97 lbs
tool 1 1 - OBG-1800UCamera dimensions (W x D x H)Max 150 x 170 x 115 mmMax 59 x 67 x 45 in
tool 1 - OBG-1800UGimbal weight (all included)880 grams1.94 lbs
interface - OBG-1800UGimbal dimensions (W x D x H)260 x 160 x 150 mm102 x 103 x 59 in
technology 3 - OBG-1800UStabilization boardAlexMos 32bits
construction - OBG-1800UMaterialAnodized aluminum type 6061-T6

Examples of suitable cameras:

  • Canon 5D
  • Canon 7D
  • Nikon D7100 with long lens
  • many similar cameras…