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onyxstar drone uav real estate immobilier villa aerial photography view - Real Estate

In the highly competitive real estate market, the purchase of a property is a real investment. Therefore, future owners are looking deeply into several details concerning the properties they are interested in.

Even though the interior of a house is generally preponderant, the exterior is also an important part of the property. Indeed, in addition to the actual state of the property, several selection criterion are to be taken into account concerning the outdoor aspects.

onyxstar drone uav real estate immobilier villa maison home aerial view 300x225 - Real EstateThis is why aerial photography by UAV is a must to create an attractive overview of a property by highlighting it in relation to its environment. In other words, providing astonishing pictures is the key to improve the quality of the sales process.

Indeed, providing views from above a property is the best way to promote it. Emphasizing its advantages within its surroundings like location, proportions, orientation, environment and nearby commodities allows to perfectly display all the property advantages.

Such aerial pictures could only be obtained by the use of expensive methods few years ago, like helicopters or aircrafts. This is why only a few high standing properties were able to afford the recording of such materials: costs were quite inaccessible for most professionals of the real estate market. Hopefully, this is definitely part of the past.

Nowadays, a drone is an accessible, efficient and easy-to-use tool that allows to shot breathtaking pictures and video clips. Real estate professionals have quickly seen the enormous potential and added value this solution can bring.

These aerial photos and movies are taken at low altitude, thanks to numerous functionalities making the UAV implementation quick and greatly simplified. For example, the ability to automatically to perform 360° circle around the property is making the images easy and rapid to obtain.

As seen on the pictures above, a picture taken from a drone worths a thousand word in the real estate market. These pictures are pairing perfectly with the real estate agent presentation. In other words, each material provided by a drone greatly improves the selling success rate by showing potential customers a breathtaking overview of the property with appealing pictures and extraordinary short-clips.

OnyxStar drones possess all the necessary functionality and security features allowing them to be performed in any environment, including urban ones. The FOX-C8 is the ultimate quality solution for real estate market professionals.

onyxstar drone uav real estate immobilier villa maison home aerial photography - Real Estate