September 2016

OnyxStar professional solutions are now available in Canada via Génidrone.

To discover all OnyxStar official resellers, have a look at the distribution network page.

July 2016

Both XENA and FOX-C8 XT have been successfully tested in their Observer configurations (for aerial surveillance).

During these flights performed in demanding weather conditions (continuous rain and wind of 38 Km/h), they both proved their efficiency and endurance by flying respectively 27 min and 37 min.

handshakeMay 2016Official reseller - Turkey

OnyxStar professional solutions are now available in Turkey via Leomühendislik (engineering).

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April 2016

Following the official release of the Belgian drone law, OnyxStar drones obtained their DGTA – DGLV certification (Belgian Civil Aviation Authorities).

The FOX-C8FOX-C8 HD, FOX-C8 XT and HYDRA-12 are now authorized for professional commercial application in Belgium.

March 2016

During the second edition of the Drone Days exhibition in Brussels, OnyxStar drones were presented together with Multispectral and LIDAR sensors.

The FOX-C8 HD and HYDRA-12 were the two displayed UAVs.

handshakeFebruary 2016Seter

OnyxStar professional solutions are now available in the Middle East via SETER SARL.

To discover all OnyxStar official resellers, have a look at the distribution network page.

patentDecember 2015altigator_onyxstar_drone_uav_uas_rpa_rpas_dgac_certified_approved_homologue

Following its official release, the FOX-C8 XT obtained its DGAC certification (French Civil Aviation Authorities).

This efficient solution has a special frame allowing it to conduct long missions thanks to its low consumption design.

hanging-billboardNovember 2015onyxstar-altigator-drone-uav-uas-manufacturer-fabricant-satis-paris-cinema-broadcast

OnyxStar attended the 2015 SATIS exhibition in Paris (Cinema and broadcasting).

The FOX-C8 XT, capable of lifting RED digital cameras for cinematographic application was revealed during this fair.


September 2015onyxstar-drone-uav-uas-rpa-rpas-intergeo-geodesy-gis-geomatic

OnyxStar took part of the Intergeo fair in Stuttgart, Germany. This well-know exhibition is a reference for professionals from the Geodesy, Geoinformation and Land management sectors.

OnyxStar was present together with its best partner: MikroKopter.

patentApril 2015altigator_onyxstar_drone_uav_uas_rpa_rpas_dgac_certified_approved_homologue

Drone operators are looking for reliable, efficient and high capacity solutions. This is why the OnyxStar HYDRA-12 was created.

This powerful solution quickly obtained the DGAC certification (French Civil Aviation Authorities).

hanging-billboardMarch 2015onyxstar-altigator-drone-uav-uas-manufacturer-fabricant-drone-days-fair

OnyxStar attended the first Belgian drone exhibition. The fair took place in Brussels and was part of the photography fair.

This exhibition was also the release of the OnyxStar HYDRA-12, the heavy lifter UAV.

hanging-billboardNovember 2014

New successful exhibition for OnyxStar UAVs at the SATIS fair in Paris (Cinema and broadcasting).

With its retractable landing gear and great features, the FOX-C8 HD is greatly appreciated by imagery professionals.

handshakeSeptember 2014onyxstar-altigator-drone-uav-uas-manufacturer-fabricant-lidar-aerial-laser-scanning

LIDAR technology for aerial laser scanning application is now embedded on the FOX-C8 HD.

Finally, OnyxStar know-how and efficiency at the service of high-end and demanding operations.

patentApril 2014altigator_onyxstar_drone_uav_uas_rpa_rpas_dgac_certified_approved_homologue

Answering the needs from UAV operators, OnyxStar developed the FOX-C8 HD which obtained the DGAC certification (French Civil Aviation Authorities).

OnyxStar solution can now lift more payload and offers more flight time and functionalities.


January 2014altigator_onyxstar_drone_uav_uas_rpa_rpas_dgac_certified_approved_homologue

Our OnyxStar FOX-C8 is among the first drones to ever receive the official certification from the DGAC (French Civil Aviation Authorities) allowing it to be professionally operated.

OnyxStar quality is from now on recognized and authorized for commercial drone applications.


November 2013onyxstar-altigator-drone-uav-uas-manufacturer-fabricant-salon-photo-paris

First public exhibition for OnyxStar drones at the “Salon de la Photo” (Photography fair) which was held in Paris-Palais des Expositions.

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