Product Guide

Drones are being operated in more and more fields each day. Their lifting ability and useful features made them perfect tool to easily take the human point of view in the sky, but not only. Surveillance, photogrammetry, aerial laser scanning and spectral imagery are among the numerous activities that can be performed thanks to UAVs.

Contrary to common use, choosing a drone does not exclusively relies on the application itself. In other words, thinking about the sensor wanted is only one of the steps while choosing a solution.

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In order to determine what drone and features are required for your specific application, or if a drone can be used in your field, we suggest you to brainstorm on the following questions:

1. What environment are you planning to fly in?

  • Take-Off Altitude (MSL)
  • Temperature range
  • Humidity, winds, etc.
  • Obstacles (Forests, mountains, buildings, etc.)
  • Disturbances (Radio towers, GSM antennas, WiFis, etc.)
  • Access before Take-Off
  • etc

2. What specific requirements do you have concerning the drone?

  • Operating Altitude (AGL)
  • Range from pilot
  • Flight time
  • Automatic flight mode features
  • Number of axles for gimbal
  • Single or dual operator
  • etc

3. What payload are you planning to lift?

  • Weight
  • Dimensions
  • Power supply of payload
  • Data links needed with the drone
  • etc

After brainstorming about all these elements, it is now time to select the system that fits best all the requirements determined. If you are not able to find which drone would be perfect for your project, our advisory team will be glad to help you.