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When performing search and rescue operations, timing is crucial.

Indeed, rescue teams aim at localizing as soon as possible where their intervention is necessary. By doing so, they can properly identify the nature of the material needed on the field as well as the number of people awaiting for help. In other words, quickly gathering precise information greatly enhances the quality and success rate of SAR operations.

onyxstar drone uav uas mountain montagne sar search rescue recherche sauvetage 300x200 - Search & RescueHowever, even if rescue team members are well trained professionals, some fields and situation will always remain difficult to deal with, like mountainous environments or night time operations. In these cases, some precious time can be lost while operating.

Helicopters are being used to bring support to rescue teams for decades already. Unfortunately not only is this solution quite expensive but it can also endangered lives and be not suitable for some areas and interventions.

This is why drones have recently started to be operated on rescue missions, in order to offer their capacities to search and rescue professionals. By carrying HD cameras with powerful zooms and live video link to the ground, rescue teams can take advantage of aerial view of the operation field. Thanks to this crucial information, they can take the right decisions according to this new point of view.

onyxstar drone uav uas recherche sauvetage sar search rescue thermal infrared ir imagery - Search & RescueMore than just HD cameras, OnyxStar drones are also capable of lifting infrared (IR) or thermal cameras that are useful for night time and sea rescue missions. In addition to that, they can be used to carry necessary first aid kit to people in need, as well as more complex equipment from HQ to intervention site if needed thanks to their lifting capability.

Regarding its compact designed paired with great torque, the OnyxStar XENA-8F is the perfect UAV for search & rescue missions of any kind. Indeed, as a foldable solution, it can be easily carried on the field by its operator. Also, XENA embedded electronics have been successfully tested in the French Alps, at an altitude of 11.000 ft (3350m). In addition to that, the solution is designed to be efficient as it has been equipped with powerful motors and controllers making it a tiny drone with great lifting ability.

onyxstar drone uav sar search rescue earthquake emergency - Search & RescueThe OnyxStar XENA-8F is a high quality and reliable tool that perfectly fulfill its duty for public safety. It is made to bring added value during search & rescue missions by easily and precisely provide more information to rescue teams when timing and information can make the difference.

Our drones are capable of easily bringing aerial and night vision support when needed in numerous SAR operations including:

  • Mountain rescue
  • Natural disasters
  • Sea rescue
  • Accidents
  • Research of missing people
  • Firefighter intervention
  • etc

onyxstar xena 8f sar search rescue recherche sauvetage drone uav uas montagne mountain ski - Search & Rescue