Industrial Inspection

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As being complex, wide and sometimes dangerous, industrial infrastructures have always been challenging places to run and monitor.

Therefore, facility integrity remains a key matter of the sector that keeps investing in better and newer equipment of any kind, in order to ensure safety of operations as well as turnover.

onyxstar drone uav stadium civil engineering inspection monitoring roof - Industrial InspectionIndustrial sites are demanding places to monitor because of several factors present including size, levels (heights), products presents onsite, cautiousness needed at specific areas, etc.

Because of that, conducting inspections in such environments has always been a slow process that required a lot of time while endangering workers lives. This method needed to be greatly improved as economic and safety issues of plants are requiring them to be fully functional at anytime.

This is why drones have been rapidly adopted by professionals of the industry sector. By being easy to operate, adaptive and efficient, UAVs are allowing to save precious time on inspection missions. For example, they allow to have a first look of possible damages in an area in order to precisely establish what needs to be done there before sending anybody.

onyxstar drone uav solar panel inspection monitoring - Industrial InspectionSeveral features are making the use of drones beneficial for such tasks like the precise RTK GPS positioning, the use of high definition cameras, the live-video link, the failsafe, the geo-tagging of pictures, the possibility to carry thermal cameras (see also: Thermography), etc.

Thanks to the know-how and dedication put in our UAVs, OnyxStar solutions are recognized as great, reliable and professional working tools capable of bringing a real added value to daily operations. For industrial inspection missions, the XENA-8F and the FOX-C8 are the most suitable solutions. In addition to being compact, lightweight and agile, they have a great lifting capability and versatility, making them among the best solutions of the sector.

Purchasing a drone is an investment with a fast rate, that allows to gain time on a series of tasks including:

  • Monitoring of inaccessible spots
  • Inspection of solar panels on solar farms
  • Energy balance checks
  • Lifting of measurement equipment
  • Monitoring of civil engineering structures
  • etc

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