About us

As being some of the first drones ever approved by a National Civil Aviation Authority in the world (by the DGAC in France), OnyxStar is considered as a pioneer and reference of the commercial UAV industry.

OnyxStar was founded by early multirotor enthusiasts having more than 15 years of experience as remote control aircraft pilots and builders. Started from this passion, OnyxStar team took the best of this background know-how and experience in order to become a upper quality and reliable drone manufacturer.

Therefore, thanks to the the precision and the technologically advanced features of our Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), many organizations have already chosen and approved our Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) for their professional activities.

In order to always offer the highest quality integrated systems, high-end partners specializing in leading-edge sensors are selected like for High Definition cameras, hyperspectral, multispectral, infrared and thermal cameras, LiDAR laser scanners, and others.

Our passionate and skilled team of specialists (engineers, telepilots, developers and UAV consultants) is getting involved in Research & Development in order to always offer more functionalities and improve the efficiency of our systems.

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Our commitments are:

  • To establish a trustful personalized and individual relationship with customers;
  • To provide state-of-the art engineering with top quality components and last generation manufacturing techniques;
  • To guarantee a reliable and reacting on-line customer service;
  • To anticipate customers’ needs by focusing on emerging technologies;
  • To develop new equipment and to engineer efficient and profitable solutions.

Yours faithfully, OnyxStar Leading Edge Drones - About us