First-time start

Checking the functions

Before the first flight, all the functions of the drone must be checked:

  • the link between your transmitter and the receiver
  • the correct transmission of each individual channel and the relation between each function of the channels (Nick, Roll, Yaw, Throttle, Flight mode, GPS switching, Altitude Hold etc.)
  • the motors are running smoothly and turning to the correct direction (refer to your manual and the configuration of your aircraft – each stabilization system has its own mixing table and the same motor may run clockwise for one brand while it runs counter-clockwise for another)
  • check that all the sensors have been calibrated according to your user manual (gyros, accelerometers, altitude sensors, compass, GPS etc)

OnyxStar FOX C8 5776 - First-time start

Warning: Usually the compass is already calibrated when the drone is built. However, it is recommended to re-calibrate it before the first test flight especially when operating at a new flight location.

Be sure that batteries of both your drone and radio-control are operational and fully charged.
Make sure that the battery(ies) of the drone is(are) correctly mounted and secured on the aircraft.

Check that all the movable parts of the aircraft are correctly tightened and that there is no hanging cable that may touch the propellers, etc.

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