Before each flight

OnyxStar FOX C8 59091 - Before each flight

Always check your aircraft for:

  • Eventual damages to the frame, cables, motors, propellers and electronics
  • Tightness of the booms, motors and propellers
  • Smooth operation of the motors
  • Tightness of all the assembly screws (motors, riggers, etc.)
  • Charged and healthy (not damaged) batteries (drone and transmitter)

The order of switching on / off the drone and the transmitter:

Swicth on (before the flight)
1Be sure that all the switches on the transmitter are in "OFF" position, the Nick, Yaw and Roll sticks in the central position, while the Throttle is at zero.
2Switch on your radio control (be sure that the correct model memory is chosen).
3Set the trims of the sticks into the central position (zero - trim).
4Connect the main battery (LiPo) of the aircraft.
Swicth off (after the flight)
1Switch off the motors immediately after landing.
2Disconnect the main battery (LiPo).
3Switch off the radio control.

Please continue with the following link “Maintenance”