Batteries (LiPos)

General information

OnyxStar drones are used Lithium-Polymer-Batteries, called LiPo. The drone is designed for the use with 4S (14,8V) LiPos. The right LiPos can be purchased through us.

The drone monitors the battery during the flight. If the voltage gets low, a warning tone will sound from the buzzer on the drone.
This alarm is also signaled by an existing telemetry transmission on the transmitter (see your transmitter and electronics manuals).

Once this alarm sounds, land immediately and load or change the LiPo..
Continuing the flight with a warning signal can permanently damage the LiPo and the drone could crash.

After landing the drone and turning off the motors the connection between LiPo and Kopter should be separated. Keep the battery pack out of the drone if that one is not used (e.g. storage or transport). That avoids a fully discharge of the battery.
Do not charge the Lipo directly after landing. Let the LiPo always cool down. Improper handling of LiPos causes burns / explosion hazard! Do not use damaged or defective LiPos!


  • Before using the Lipo the first time it must be fully charged! The first charge of LiPos, depending on the charge level of the individual cells and operation / performance of the charger been used, will take up to several hours.
  • The proper charging and discharging of the cells / LiPos can not be monitored by us. Any warranty is excluded for incorrect charging or discharging.

Please continue with the following link “Safety rules for LiPos”