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For creative imagery professional, the mot important point is to record at the perfect spot, at the perfect time. Indeed, regarding the message needed to be conveyed, specific light, point of view, subjects and backgrounds are highly wanted by the production team or the photographer.

onyxstar fox c8 hd aerial cinema photography monastery high resolution - Cinema & PhotographyTherefore, the photography and cinematographic industry has always been closely looking at all technological improvements that can be integrated in their working processes. This lead to numerous great enhancements from colorization until 3D imagery.

Even if aerial point of view footages have been made possible for decades already thanks to helicopters, airplanes and others cranes, such solutions are either costly, dangerous, difficult to coordinate or a combination of all. This is why such shootings were quite rare.

It all changed a view years ago, when the UAV industry took off. As a matter of fact, aerial view shootings for cinema and photography became affordable and accessible to all, thanks to the cost and the technology that makes flying such drones so easy.

onyxstar fox c8 hd cinema aerial photography hd picture river - Cinema & PhotographyThey became rapidly a must have for all the professionals as many features have been specifically designed to fit the industry needs like the Save a tracking shot, Follow-Me, Retractable landing gear, 360° point of interest, etc. Moreover, such systems are able to carry a broad range of sensors, from the tiniest pocket camera until the compact digital 4K camera, allowing to easily record breathtaking footages.

For such results, the OnyxStar FOX-C8 HD and FOX-C8 XT are the most chosen solution by professionals for all their aerial photography and cinematographic tasks. Their reliability, capacity and precision made OnyxStar drones perfect choices for lifting Blackmagic, Alexa, Sony and Red digital cameras in order to perform 4K quality footages.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of tasks than can be performed with drones:

  • Aerial photography
  • Clip recording
  • Aerial shooting for cinema
  • Live broadcast for medias
  • etc.

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