As the user and/or the pilot of the drone, you must ensure that your aircraft is performing correctly and safely.
To guarantee an accurate operation of the drone, a regular maintenance is absolutely necessary as well as a review / check before every flight.

OnyxStar 108 - Maintenance

A review / maintenance should include:

  • Checking eventual damages on the drone, including:
the frame
all cables
all motors
all propellers
the antenna of the receiver
the complete electronics
  • Checking the thightness of
All screws (motors, frame, etc.)
  • Function / smooth running of the motors
  • Check all connections for correct and proper fit
  • Check all soldered cables for proper contact
  • Check that your transmitter operates correctly and that it is fully charged

drone aerial camera video drone OnyxStar - Maintenance

Cleaning the aircraft:

After each flight, the drone should be checked for possible dirtiness (ie. dust, moisture, insects etc.). To clean the drone (except the electronics), use a soft, dry or slightly damp cloth. The electronics should be cleaned with a soft anti-static brush. Always abstain from getting moisture on the electronics and the battery.

Warning: It should be avoided to take-off on sandy / dusty surfaces. Particles can enter in the motors, in such environments, and cause damages or early wear.