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onyxstar security surveillance drone uav safety hd zoom infrared - Surveillance & Security

Protecting valuable facilities by active and passive surveillance is essential.

Indeed, a broad range of equipment have been developed to facilitate the human side of the work (cctv cameras, motion sensors, biometric accesses, infrared cameras, etc.) in order to prevent destruction, spying or trespassing issues in a specific property. However most of these systems are static elements that can be spotted, located and analyzed.

night infrared ir infrarouge image video drone uav security surveillance onyxstar - Surveillance & Security

Distance from target: 115 meters (377 ft)

This is why drones were recently brought to security experts. As being adaptive, fast and easy-to-use systems, UAVs have been quickly adopted by professionals of the surveillance sector.

Their ability to carry HD cameras with powerful zooms as well as infrared and thermal cameras (that provide useful vision even by night, dust or fog) simply explains this success. Thanks to the sensors they lift, drone give real time video link to the security team, in any condition. These precious images greatly simplify their work by allowing to clearly identify potential alerts before taking appropriate and located actions.

onyxstar security surveillance drone uav powerful zoom hd camera - Surveillance & Security

Distance from target: 400 meters (1315 ft)

Precise knowledge of the situation is the key for fast and adapted responses. This explains why the aerial view provided by the drone is a major advantage for valuable facilities that require security scanning.

The OnyxStar FOX-C8 XT and the OnyxStar XENA-8F are specifically designed for this kind of surveillance, safety and security missions. As a matter of fact, they are able to carry a dual-camera 360° rotating gimbal that includes HD camera with up to 40x zoom together with a cutting-edge infrared camera (IR).

Operation of the gimbal was made easy in order to allow security team to properly and rapidly collect the needed information. Thanks to these exceptional features, the security gimbal for UAV allows to read vehicle licence plates, spot individuals in bad condition, process complete zone checks, give live view of hard to access areas, etc.

onyxstar security surveillance drone uav hd zoom car plate plaque immatriculation - Surveillance & Security

Distance from target: 300 meters (984 ft)

OnyxStar solutions are built with cutting-edge high quality electronics that provide several useful safety and operational features (Waypoint flying, failsafe, geo-fencing, automatic take-off, follow-me, point of interest flying, etc.).

Thanks to that, the FOX-C8 XT and XENA-8F are reliable, efficient and hard-working systems that perfectly and discretely perform their duties, even by night, low-visibility or windy conditions.

They are capable of easily bringing aerial and night vision support when needed for any kind of security operations including:

  • Harbor / Maritime ports surveillance
  • Border control
  • Demonstration and public event follow-up
  • Military operations
  • Airport security
  • Industrial facilities protection
  • Police operations
  • etc

onyxstar security surveillance drone uav night vision infrared ir infrarouge camera - Surveillance & Security